Recent Vandor Denture Centre Patient, Al, shows off his before and after transformation. He went from decaying upper natural teeth to a custom designed upper immediate denture, by Brock, the Denturist.


By Elisha Vandor - The denturist's wife. 

March 19, 2019 - 6:15pm

"I didn't realize how much your confidence is shot when you have no teeth. I am so much more confident now, wow!" Says Larry G. about his new permanent teeth.

Larry, like so many others, never could get used to his old fashioned denture. "They just fall out, they won't stay there. I had to use 10 tonnes of that paste that you stick them in with and I hated that. I would rather go with no teeth than put that stuff in, you know?" Said Larry in a recent interview regarding his new smile. 

This 'breakthrough' procedure works so great because it doesn't just replace the white teeth and pink gums like like an old fashioned denture; it actually replaces the roots of the teeth, as well. "It is the roots that give your teeth the stability to chew, they are the foundation that gives someone the freedom to enjoy all kinds of foods again, smile without fear of their teeth falling out, and actually work to preserve ones jaw bone from shrinking away, as it would with only a regular denture," says Brock Vandor, owner of Vandor Denture Centre. 

The official name for replacement of a tooth root is a 'dental implant,' which is simply a titanium post the size of a natural tooth root. 

The procedure uses typically 4-6 dental implants to become the stable foundation for a denture. Brock says, "we like to call it the 'Freedom Smile' because it gives people a 21st century solution to age old denture problems. We work right alongside a Dentist who places the implants. While the patient is still in the chair, I fit the denture (which is not much smaller and more comfortable than a regular denture) on top of the dental implants and voila, Larry has teeth again!" 

We asked Larry about how the procedure went on his end and he explained, "actually, I was a little apprehensive about it, but it went really well! They froze me up really good and I got little breaks now and then. Anytime the freezing wore off, they put more in. After the procedure, it was hardly sore at all, which amazed me. Very slight bit on the gums, but hardly anything to worry about. I took no pain killers...I didn't need them, I'm serious. I can eat pretty much whatever I want. It's just a real pleasure - the ability to laugh again and enjoy life. They are just like regular teeth in my mouth, that's the cool part about it, it's incredible and I'm loving every second of this!" 

If you want to know how we can help you smile again too, please call us anytime for a free consultation where we explain all of your options! 


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