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10 out of 10 patients agreed: a much more comfortable and "No -Gag" experience.




AUGUST 28 6:59AM

1. "Oh my Lord, it's fantastic! I was afraid of gagging and throwing up. I was anxious about what's going to happen, but the experience was awesome." - L.D.

2. "Easier than I was expecting. It went great!" - D.M.

3. There's no bad taste or anything. Yes, it's an improvement to the old method, definitely." E.C.

4. "The impressions didn't bother me at all and I'm really gaggy. I am very happy this time." - J.M.

5. "It was comfortable. It doesn't even taste bad. I would do it again." - M.I.

6. "Quite a bit different (in a good way) than what I've experienced. I felt a lot more relaxed." - L.C.

7. "It was totally different and I never gagged once. It was wonderful, very fast, and nice and easy." - L.D.

8. It's a lot quicker, there's really no comparison. I have no complaints. I didn't feel any pressure on the inside or feel the urge to gag." - I.R.

9. Each impression was done separately and it felt like he was getting a better fit that way." - D.W.

10. Brock did it once and it was perfect. I can't open my mouth very wide so it makes it a lot harder, but this time was a lot better. Very good!" - L.H.


So many people, both young and old, dread the thought of getting another one of those gaggy impressions of their mouth. They can remember the last time when a tray of goop was being pushed up into their mouth and started squishing down their throat as they struggle not to panic or gag! I would say, at least 7 or 8 out of 10 (of my patients) say they had been anxious or fearful of the impression appointment. Of course, I have no idea how many people actually put off new dentures altogether just because of the fear of gagging. 


As for me, I hated gagging my patients. If they gagged, they would feel bad, then I would feel bad, so I had to make a better way. After combining different techniques, experimenting with some ratios, and using a funnly looking tool, I came up with what has been nicknamed the "No-Gag" technique. Essentially, it uses much less goop and also prevents the goop that remaines from going into the gag zone. I am happy to say that patients love it! They are so relieved to have not gagged and are amazed at how fast it was, which makes me smile every time. It's actually now been years since I have developed the "No-Gag" technique and am happy to say that every single day, myself and out Denturists (that I have trained) get to hear how patients love it! Actually, Ruth was here not too long ago and had to share her story. 


"The impression appointment was amazing. There was no discomfort whatsoever. There was no gagging reflex. Nothing! In fact, I would do it again. It was very quick and it wasn't like anything before and I've had lots of impressions. For me, the impression appointment was usually gaggy. This was amazing. It's a great procedure."


Thanks Ruth for sharing your experience! You can watch her full video on our Youtube channel or Facebook page, just search for Vandor Denture Centre. 


We encourage you to call or come in with any questions or concerns about your dentures or dental implant supported dentures. Helping people is our passion and this technique is just one way to make your experience one to smile about. 



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