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Denturist, Brock Vandor uses illustration to show the stages of jawbone loss.


By Elisha Vandor


July 11, 2019 - 11:05am


There is a silver lining behind every cloud, and in Paul's case, a smile behind every calamity.  A few months ago Paul was driving along when another car drifted head on into his lane and crashed into him!

Thank God Paul came out alive, but he was banged up pretty good, requiring months of physiotherapy. His dentures were not so fortunate. When the car hit head on, there was such a force that Paul's dentures flew out and smashed as they hit the dash. 


As Paul began physiotherapy, he also began looking for a denture clinic to make him new teeth, which is where Paul said he had the second accident, but this time it was a good accident. "Truthfully, I picked Vandor Denture Centre by accident. I was driving by and said, 'maybe this is the guy I should try' and you know what? I sure have no regrets." 


Paul called our office and asked for early morning appointments so he could get to his physiotherapy on time. For the next 5 weeks, Paul had his own spot on Friday mornings. "We started out by seeing what Paul really wanted in his new dentures. He was wearing his old set from before the accident, which didn't fit him very well and he said that his set that broke were never very good either. It was really time for Paul to get a good set of teeth", said Brock Vandor - the denturist. 


As the Friday morning appointments continued, Pauls body became stronger from physio, his new teeth began taking shape as Brock and Paul did the design and fittings, and the relationships between Paul and the staff grew during the morning coffee and chats. When we asked Paul about his experience, he repeated, "very good, very good, very friendly; one of the best places."


As for Paul's dentures, this is the silver lining - "before the accident, my sets of dentures were hurting me, the alignment was off, I had to go back and forth trying to get them adjusted and fixed. This time you've done them once and they are perfect. I really give two thumbs up to Brock and all the Vandor staff. I don't think I will be coming back for adjustments, which is too bad because I really enjoy coming here - it was a great experience", said Paul as we all gave our happy goodbyes. 


It was wonderful to help Paul have a happy ending! If you or someone you know is experiencing denture problems, please give us a call. We are here to help!



14/08/2019 by lorna

Happy to know you are a happy man with your new teeth. Brock is a super denturist and a super guy. I doubt that you will go back for adjustments Paul and if so, it will be once. Brock and the entire staff are there for you always.. They are wonderful ! I know ! Lorna :) :)

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