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By Elisha Vandor - The denturist’s wife


March 7, 2019 - 10:38 AM



Today, we do all we can to save natural teeth, which is different from 50 years ago because our resources and expertise have come a long way! However, for some, extracting decaying or unsightly teeth is necessary for oral health and self-confidence. Although removing one, some, or all of your teeth can leave anyone asking, ‘where do I go from here’? Let me answer that question for you!


Recent Vandor Denture Centre patient, Al, shows off his before and after transformation. He went from decaying upper natural teeth to a custom designed upper immediate denture, by Brock, the denturist.

Once you know or have received information that you’ll be needing all or some of your teeth extracted, that is your cue to call and book an appointment to chat with Brock about how he can help get your smile back!

Getting dentures put in the same day the teeth are pulled is possible! It really is a preference based on the individual. Some like to wait until the extraction site is healed before they get dentures and some like to have dentures right away. For the latter preference, having a denture on the same day has some great benefits:


  • You can smile!
  • You can eat!
  • The denture(s) act like a band-aid over the extraction site helping the gums heal.

When replacing your teeth immediately, you’ll need a denture that’s crafted a bit differently from a regular denture. The dentures are called immediate dentures. It’s pretty simple to remember because they go in immediately after your teeth are extracted. Of course, this means we must make the dentures before your teeth are pulled, so we need to know as soon as possible.

Once the dentures are in, it’s not the end! Immediate dentures are designed to fit over inflamed or swollen gums. Once the gums start healing, the denture becomes loose. Maybe one day we will invent a way to have dentures self-mould every morning to the mouth, but until then, we want to see you more often to make sure that you’re happy and loving them. So, there’s a series of follow-up appointments that are necessary to keep the denture fitting, feeling, and functioning great. These appointments are included in the cost of the denture(s)…thank God! At the beginning, we will see you more frequently because the gums are healing and changing. Most of these appointments are scheduled within the first month and will extend for another 6-months to 2-years. I know what you may be thinking, ‘Yikes, two years of seeing my Denturist?’ Not to worry, this time frame really depends on each individual and their gums’ ability to heal. It is all these careful follow-ups that really make the difference for patients.

In a nutshell, replacing missing teeth can be a mystery and daunting for most. There are many options to replace your teeth too, other than dentures. We will save that for part II! Immediate dentures are currently the most common and inexpensive way to replace missing teeth. If they’re made right, they can work great and look very natural too! Of course, you can call and book a free consultation with Brock to talk about the entire process before it happens. We want you to be well informed and confident that you’re making the best decision. For any tooth loss denture questions, call us anytime!



22/05/2019 by Roland Arbez

I had a ten teeth top denture for six years that came loose. I had it re-cemented as I was leaving on holydays. It is cemented on four roots that are rotten to the gums. Can I get conscious sedation to get procedure done? need an appointment.

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