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Award-Winning Dentures and Implants

“Serving our patients as if they were family, with honesty, integrity and consistency.“ -Brock Vandor



Vandor Denture Centre: Serving the Interlake & Winnipeg for 50 years!

Before and After

At Vandor Denture Centre, our motto is, “No matter the situation, there’s always a solution.” We see many personal situations that seem hopeless, but as smile experts, it’s our specialty to provide solutions and innovations in our industry! In fact, our office is the only one across the globe with break-through patented Canadian and U.S. denture technology that makes our denture art fabrication (particularly chewing capability and bite alignment) perfect every time. Our four-step denture process ensures the denture fit is perfectly molded to your mouth and your smile is uniquely you! We believe everyone deserves our best, so that’s why we only offer the most resilient and durable materials on the market. To see and feel the difference in our dentures, call us to book your free consultation today!


Free Consultations and Adaptable Appointments

Whether you’re inquiring about complete denture replacement, first time (immediate) dentures, partial (cast-frame) dentures, a snap-on smile, or dental implants; knowledge is power. That's why we take the time to sit down with you, discuss all your options, and provide the information necessary to make a confident and informed decision. Of course, consultations are always free! We would love to hear your story. Call our office in Selkirk at 204-482-6698 or Winnipeg 204-222-4867.

Meet the Denturists: Brock Vandor, D.D.

Here's the man behind it all. Brock is a second generation Denturist who is following in the entrepreneurial footsteps of his father George.

When George unfortunately suffered a stroke in early 2010, Brock, who had been working alongside him, took over the business and started a journey that would eventually lead to innovation and breakthrough denture fabrication methods.

Brock strives to meet and exceed the expectations of everyone that comes to the office. Brock says, “We want to be a leading influence in the denture world when it comes to making teeth. We just recently completed our first denture fabrication patent. It's the beginning of great things.”

The legacy of the Vandor name has now spanned over 45 years and the expertise, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit still continues to grow.

Meet the Denturists: Matthew Benga D.D.

Matthew is a creative and compassionate Denturist who values all his patients and believes they deserve the very best quality denture care that he can give, with a whatever-it-takes attitude. Striving for excellence, attention to detail, and most of all making sure every patient he sees leaves with a smile on their face. 

Born and raised in Winnipeg to a Filipino and Hungarian family, Matthew and his brother, just like Brock, were introduced to the dental world early on, as their father built his own family operated dental laboratory. With that experience, both Matthew  and his brother, Andrew, went on to pursue careers in Dentistry. Andrew became a Dentist and Matthew decided to become a Denturist. Even before graduating, Matthew interned at Vandor Denture Centre, and now after graduating NAIT college in 2019, Matthew enjoys getting to make his patients smile every single day.

Wonderful Dental Implants

I haven’t felt this confident having dentures in 40 years. All of a suddenly it was as if they weren’t there. They’re wonderful.

-Bob G.


We know that your situation is unique and the subject of teeth can make you nervous, so we would love to meet you and hear your story in person. Take a step in the right direction and call our smile experts at 204-482-6698 for free advice or to book your appointment!

Worry-Free Payments

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All insurance plans accepted

We know that your situation is unique and the subject of teeth can make you nervous, so we would love to meet you and hear your story in person. Take a step in the right direction and call our smile experts in Selkirk at 204-482-6698 or Winnipeg at 204-222-4867 for free advice or to book your appointment.

Same-Day Dentures

Never be without teeth! We do same-day dentures for your convenience.

Snap-On Smile®

A cost-effective way to improve your smile.

A Secure Smile

Implants are the ultimate permanent solution to replace missing teeth.

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