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Relines & Repairs in Selkirk & Winnipeg Completed in 4 Hours or Less!

At Vandor Denture Centre in Selkirk and Winnipeg our denture services include same day hard and soft relines and repairs. Your denture(s) should be relined because your mouth goes through natural changes over time. In fact, your gums are always changing shape no matter how long you've had dentures, yet dentures stay the same. Therefore, the fit will get worse as your gums change, which results in increased jawbone shrinkage and unhealthy gums. In order for your dentures to continue looking and fitting excellently, we suggest lower dentures should be relined every 2-3 years and upper dentures every 3-5 years.

What Is Relining?

When we reline your dentures, we add new acrylic material to the inside of your denture base. This will make your dentures rest snugly against your gums for a secure fit and a more comfortable feel. We don’t want your dentures to feel loose, unstable or painful.

Softliners: Increasing Your Comfort

Along with relines, you have the option of adding softlining to your denture. Softliners add extra comfort to your denture with a soft rubber layer as opposed to hard acrylic. This can make eating more pleasant.

“If you want properly lined dentures, call us in Selkirk at 204-482-6698 or Winnipeg at 204-222-4867, and say, ‘I’m due for a reline!’”
-Brock Vandor

Denture Services

“Serving our patients as if they were family, with honesty, integrity and consistency.“ -Brock Vandor

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