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About our Denturists in Winnipeg and Selkirk

Vandor Denture Centre has been in business for 47 years, serving patients in Selkirk, the Interlake and surrounding areas, and Winnipeg. It all started with Brock Vandor's dad, George, who was a pioneer in the denture industry for his time and brought the art of dentures to the Interlake. In 2010 he suffered a stroke and could no longer work. On that exact day, Brock received his license to practise as a denturist in Manitoba. Since March 2010 he has owned and operated the business.

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Patented Denture Technology

We are very well known within the Interlake community for our excellence in denture manufacturing and friendly, informative service. Our denture technology is patented in Canada and America. Our denturist is proud to offer excellent one-of-a-kind service!

Our Promise to You

We make your teeth the way you want them. Your teeth will always look great. Come enjoy our warm and friendly atmosphere and excellent customer service. Contact us today to see our denturist!

Denture Services

“Serving our patients as if they were family, with honesty, integrity and consistency.“ -Brock Vandor

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