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There is something new and very exciting when it comes to partial dentures! I am so excited about it because it is one of those things that is undoubtedly superior to the way we used to do it. They are fitting better than I have ever seen, and of course, patients are having more comfort than they have ever had in the past.

Since the beginning of metal working time, to make things like partials, we had to first make a mould of a certain shape (like a partial denture), then pour liquid metal into the mould and let it cool and harden. This method works great, but there is always a problem...when the metal cools, it shrinks! This means that no matter how perfect we make the mould of your denture, when we pour the metal in, it will change shape and never have a perfect fit; re-quiring very careful ad-justments to the denture. But now, I am very excited to say, we can totally get rid of that process where the metal dis-torts and partials don’t fit as good as they should! Today, we can design your partial denture on a com-puter, then use a computer controlled milling machine to actually make the exact shape of your partial out of hardened Titanium metal. This means no more distortion, and wow, the results are truly amaz-ing! My brother, who is also a Denturist out in Medicine Hat, is also doing Titanium partials too and every time we get on the phone, we can’t help but talk about how this new technology is just the best thing that has ever happened to partial dentures. We can finally get the fit that we always wanted, and patients are absolutely loving them for 3 main reasons: 1.Titanium partials fit beautifully around the teeth, which results in much less food underneath. 2.Titanium is both thinner and smaller, making the partial more comfortable. 3.Titanium can clip more gently around the teeth than the usual metal and it just feels more “normal”. If you have had problems with your partials before, then there is a good chance that this is the answer. The process of making them is by far superior to the old way. Give us a call to-day to reserve your free consul-tation and we would be happy to see how we can help. Thanks for reading! Brock Vandor, the Denturist.


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