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      Why not have the best of both worlds? To make the transition to dentures easier and a whole new experience, you can combine a denture with dental implants! Dental implants help the dentures function like natural teeth would, which provides a sense of normalcy when eating and talking with dentures. For Don, a recent patient, he said the dental implants combined with his denture has “changed his life!”

Basically, a dental implant acts the same way a natural tooth root does. When a natural tooth is pulled the root goes with it. A dental implant replaces that root and mimics its function, which keeps the jawbone from shrinking because the dental implant continues to stimulate the bone with the force of chewing and biting. When dentures are removed from the mouth the facial structure somewhat collapses because the dentures are its support system.

  • After having the dental implants placed, Doreen says she "can't believe the difference. It's a great improvement."

We know dental implant technology is the answer to specific anti-aging problems. They improve looks, chewing, and are safe. So then, what is the process to get these? What kind do you choose? Honestly, it can be different for each individual based on their preference and oral situation, so it all starts with a conversation with Brock, where he will go over your options and various price points. For example, do you want your teeth permanent or removable? Even those who have been wearing dentures for years are able to combine dental implants with full upper and/or lower dentures. A fantastic option for someone who has a loose lower denture is a removable denture that snaps into two dental implants to secure it into place. Alternatively, teeth can be placed permanently for both the upper and lower with dental implants. This is a common choice for patients who are ready to have the function and feel of natural teeth again. You may have heard of us talk about it before and refer to it as the Freedom Smile. There’s so much more to discuss, but I’m running out of room! This is when your part kicks in. If you have any questions about dental implants, which I know you do, then book a free consultation to come in and talk to our Denturists Brock and Matthew. They have the answers you’ve been looking for. In fact, I often ask them my questions about dental implants, like titanium or Zirconia ceramic, which is better? What has a better success rate, mini or full-sized dental implants? It’s so important to be well-informed and we want to make sure you feel comfortable with the decision you’ve made, whether you’re starting with dentures or wanting to combine dentures with dental implants!


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