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In our office we have 4 pillars that we use as our guiding structure for serving patients and providing denture services. In fact, everything we do hinges on the success of our first pillar, which is health. The health and safety of our patients and ourselves is the most important aspect of our business. For sure today (more than ever) it's probably your first pillar too.

It's no surprise that the majority of our patients are considered to be the most vulnerable during cold/flu and the ongoing COVID season. Yet, our services are of necessity to those who wear dentures so they can maintain proper nourishment and digestion for overall health. So, what are we doing to ensure the health and safety of our patients during their appointment at our office? First and foremost an appointment is necessary so we can monitor the flow of patients coming in and going out of our office. Every person who calls to book an appointment is screened using the Manitoba Health screening questions before the appointment gets put into the schedule. Once cleared, patients who are arriving for their appointment are asked to call before coming in, which ensures no contact with another patient who may be leaving. Our 15-minute buffers between patient appointments ensure we have enough time to complete all proper sanitization protocols. "The best way to keep our patients safe and prevent the spread of the virus is to disinfect every surface from the front door handle right down to the bathroom between each and every patient that comes in; so that's what we are going to do, says Brock Vandor, owner of Vandor Denture Centre. Our goal is zero chance of disease and the next safest place for you to be, a part from your home." We understand you may feel uncomfortable or have other health issues that restrict you from coming to our office, so we can schedule a virtual consultation for you. All you would need is a computer or smart phone. Your virutal appointment would be as if you're seeing us in person, so you'll be greeted by one of our receptionists to start, minus the hand sanitizer! Whichever way you choose to see us, we want you to feel comfortable, stay safe, and be a continued pillar of health. We look forward to helping you have the best dentures possible!




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