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It is proven that patients can have loss of taste and smell when they have a full upper denture. This is because the palate (or roof of your mouth) plays a role in your taste and smell, and when a denture covers your palate, the joy of tasting all our favourite foods can be lost!

This was the case for Pam. For years and years she had a full upper denture, and by every standard but one, the denture was great; it was tight, didn't hurt at all, the teeth were beautiful and natural-looking and she was very proud of them. However, she missed one thing...the taste of chocolate! "I love my chocolate", says Pam. "If I really wanted to enjoy chocolate, then I would take my denture out so the roof of my mouth wasn't covered and just let it melt in my mouth." One day Pam was in our clinic and noticed a picture of an upper denture with no palate. It was totally open and she had to ask about it, wondering if it would solve her chocolate dilemma. Is that a full denture with no roof of the mouth, Brock? Can I have that?" I said, yes it sure is! The only reason an upper denture covers the roof of your mouth is to create a suction, but if you have dental implants, then you don't need suction anymore. We can remove all that extra plastic on the roof of your mouth! "Wow, I like the sound of that", Pam said. We scheduled Pam in with a Dentist to have the dental implants placed and she still wore her regular denture for a few months while the implants healed. Then, when the implants were strong enough, we built Pam the denture she had been waiting for since her first one decades ago - a full denture with NO PALATE! "This is just amazing; I got my taste back! It is just so wonderful to be able to have my full taste again, thank-you so much!" It's stories like Pam's that keep us so excited about what we do. We love making people smile and the first step to your new smile is a consultation, which is free. This is where you get to be like Pam and ask questions to find the best solution for you. Sometimes someones teeth are simply worn down and stained and need a fresh set. Other times we just tighten up their dentures with a reline, and what is becoming more and more popular and cost effective are dental implants. When someone has a loose denture, especially the lower and they get even just 2 dental implants, the results are astounding and peoples lives are changed! Call us today to reschedule your free consultation!


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