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Truthfully, the outer appearance of full dentures has not changed much. Let’s not judge a book by its cover, though. It’s what’s inside that counts and this advancement changes how you eat and what you can eat.

Specifically, a full lower denture poses the most issues for denture wearing individuals. These issues include: • Looseness • Soreness • Lack of confidence while eating/talking If you’re experiencing any or all of these issues and need a solution, then it’s time to consider using anchors. Anchors are the advancement that will change how a denture feels and functions. Let’s talk about this more... For this particular type of dental implant anchor, you will still be able to remove the denture yourself, which is ideal for cleaning and oral hygiene. The anchor mechanism is like a button snapping closed and pulling open to unsnap. Snapping the denture into the anchor allows the denture to stay secure and stable to the gums, which solves looseness issues and improves confidence while chewing or talking. The anchors are embedded into the underneath side of the denture so they are completely unnoticeable while wearing. This is the most cost effective and popular way to stabilize your lower denture, other than going to a permanent denture. You may not even need a new denture, either! Other functional benefits include: • Greater chewing force • Able to enjoy eating foods you couldn’t eat before • Reduced adjustment period • Reduction in sore spots Without the denture anchors, the lower jaw bone tries really hard to keep the denture in place, but has a hard time because of its inability to create suction. Therefore, the lower denture relies on gravity, the tongue and the upper denture or teeth for stability, making it harder to chew and bite into foods like an apple. The good news is, those issues are being resolved and many people have switched to a denture that snaps in and out of the anchors so they can enjoy eating all types of food again. Let’s be honest, today not many things are free, but information is! Information is so readily available, but not many people can access the truth. We provide the truth about dentures and all their options, for free, during a consultation with Brock or Matthew, our Denturists. You can call anytime!


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