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This month Brian will be celebrating his 92nd birthday, and for the first time in years he says he can have medium rare T-bone steak again!

Like so many others, Brian has had dentures for decades and was never quite satisfied with the loose lower denture. "I had trouble chewing, and it flopped all over my mouth. I got dentures in my early 50's", said Brian. As a result, he knew that he needed a better set of teeth. During a consultation with Brock the Denturist, Brian made the decision to pursue getting dental implants to anchor his denture into place so he can eat the foods he enjoys, once again. "Now I can eat nice medium rare T-bone steaks no problem at all! [The dental implants] made 100% difference in my life, and I wouldn't think twice about doing it again!" What a fantastic story. We've known Brian for years and he always tells us jokes when he comes into the clinic! He even came to see Brock's father, George (the founder of Vandor Denture Centre). It's amazing to see the change in Brian from him being satisfied with relines or new regular dentures from our clinic to a whole new level of satisfaction with his dental implants. He raves about them! This is exactly why we do what we do! So, what exactly is a dental implant? Yes, we know it sounds scary, but simply put, it's a fake tooth root made of metal. Its purpose is to anchor your denture so you can eat better, feel confident that it won't jump out, and enjoy an unparalleled level of comfort. The process of getting them is simple. Think of it this way: you've already had your teeth pulled out since you are now wearing dentures. So, this procedure is simply putting a tooth root back in. Thankfully, you may only need two! Brian has three. If you are ready to pursue a tighter, more comfortable denture, then give us a call for a free consultation. We can discuss the issues you've been experiencing, talk about what you want your teeth and smile to be like, and make a plan to get that for you! We have lots of options and creative solutions to fit your budget, but the first step is your phone call. We're looking forward to talking with you real soon.


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