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Usually, I’m singing the praises of dental implant supported dentures and how they can help solve many normal denture issues that people experience; but today, I’m singing a different tune and going back to basics. I’m sure most of you can relate too, especially when I say, ‘a quality denture that’s made right can make a world of difference’. Our patient, Molly quickly learned the truth to that statement.

Molly wears a full set of dentures. When she came to see us, we could tell that she put a lot of miles on them. They were still doing her some justice, but she had compromised in some areas to make them work, specifically when it came to eating. When she came to see us for her initial consultation appointment, she mentioned that her dream was to eat tomatoes again. She says, “Before, with my old teeth I couldn’t bite through a tomato. If I had a tomato sandwich or a hamburger with a tomato in it and bit into it, then the whole slice of tomato would come with it and of course drag the rest of the stuff too. You know, it’s pretty embarrassing at a restaurant to have it flop all over you.” Since this type of issue can only be corrected with new teeth, we both knew it was time for a new set. As Molly was coming in for her appointments to make the new set of dentures, she kept her denture wish at the back of her mind, in high hopes that we could get her eating the difficult foods with dentures again. Well, it’s been two weeks since she had her dentures and at her fol- low-up appointment she says, “you guys did it. I gotta tell you, I just gotta tell you! On the day when I got my new teeth I went home and made myself a tomato sandwich for supper. I took my first bite and I bit right through. After all this time, I knew this was important to me, but I didn’t realize how important it was until I actually had that bite. I had a salad a couple days later and could chew the salad with my back teeth instead of mushing it together to swallow. I am really happy, really happy.” Of course, we had to ask Molly what her experience was like coming to our place since she was a first-time patient. She said, “When I was looking around for a Denturist, I found your website and thought, well that sounds really good, so I phoned. The information given on the phone to me was excellent and it made me feel very comfortable. The person who I was talking to was very friendly and very respectful. Each visit here is very welcoming and very friendly. I’m very confident now. Actually, I’ve had dentures for most of my life and when you get a new set they are glaring, you know?! People look at you like, what did you do to your teeth, but I’ve never had that with this set. They fit in so naturally and I just can’t say it enough, I’m really happy, so thank-you. You’ve done a great job.” We want to thank Molly for sharing her story with us! We know that we can help you too. Consultations are always free. You can call anytime and we look forward to meeting you soon!


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