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What happens when your denture unknowingly breaks in half or accidentally gets dropped in the sink and a front tooth pops out? At that moment, most people scramble to dial our phone number and on the other end I hear a slightly panicked voice asking if I am open and seeing patients. My answer of ...'YES' often brings a sigh of relief and thankfulness knowing they will not have to blend their food for the unforeseeable future.

Thankfully, it's not just an essential service, like fixing a broken denture, that qualifies us to remain open during Manitoba's province-wide code red status. It's because your mouth is a gateway to a healthy body and without proper denture care it's only a matter of time before your gut and digestive health is adversely affected. As a case in point, just yesterday a patient told me that she lost 10 pounds within the short 2-week period since getting her teeth extracted. Thankfully, she's been able to attend her post extraction follow-up appointments for her dentures at our office without interruption! Truthfully, similar affects can happen with worn down, loose, and/or ill-fitting dentures if not for our services. As a health care provider, we are prepared to give you the highest level of quality denture care in the safest most sterile way possible. Owner and Denturist Brock Vandor says, "the best way to keep our patients safe and prevent the spread of the virus is to disinfect every surface from the front door right down to the bathroom in-between each and every patient that comes in. That's what we've been doing and will continue to do! Our goal is zero chance of disease and the next safest place for you to be, apart from your home." For some of our services, like denture repairs, you may never have to leave your vehicle! We are continually innovating the way we provide our services to keep you feeling safe. For others, in-person appointments are necessary; after all, every aspect of our practice has to do with the denture (whether removable or permanent) in your mouth! Being one of the only blinking OPEN signs on the block means we're in this together. We will remain open to provide you with the quality of denture service you deserve and continue seeing our truly wonderful patients for the care they need. In all honesty, we love making people smile and it requires us seeing you! So, call to book that denture appointment you've been putting off because there's only a month and a bit left to use your remaining dental insurance for 2020. We will see you (while smiling behind our masks and face shields) soon!


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