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Over the past 5 years of working alongside Brock, whether at reception, in the lab, or hiding in the back writing these articles; I must tell you, I have seen countless people come in with all kinds of denture problems, or even just denture questions, and leave just so happy they came. Sometimes their dentures were old, lots of times they were loose, other times they didn't even have dentures yet. But no matter what, we hear stories like these every day and are so encouraged to keep working hard doing what we do best, making people smile! I wanted to share just a couple of those stories today, hopefully to encourage you as well, that denture help is our there. Actually, right in your neighbourhood!


The first one is from Irma. She says, "I received my first dentures in 2016 and basically since then I have no been able to eat properly due to ill-fitting dentures. I can relate to anyone who is dealing with the discomfort and the pain due to ill-fitting dentures. What I would recommend to anyone dealing with the same issues, is to go see Brock. He is friendly, professional and most importantly, he knows what he is doing. I had four appointments while he was making the new denture, but it was well worth it. All adjustments are done with you in the room, which I had not experienced before. He explains to you what he is doing while he is making his adjustments. I can't thank him enough for his patience and expertise. The staff are unbelievable! The professionalism and friendliness of Vandor staff is the best. I will recommend Brock and his staff to anyone I know! Thank you for everything!" - Irma, January 16, 2020

The next one has us in tears. Here is Joannie's story, "I had a full denture that I never really liked before. I stopped smiling, but my dental insurance wouldn't cover for me to get a new one. Brock did major changes to my denture, which basically made it brand new. I can't say enough about what a difference it is. Thank you Brock! Finally I can eat properly. My smiling confidence and self-esteem is way up there. Seriously look this fantastic team up. They're very caring, professional staff. They changed my life with teeth." - Joannie, January 6, 2020

If you've lost hope, become fed-up, or just need some really nice dentures, just book a consultation to talk with Brock. It's absolutely free. Who knows, you could be so happy that we all take a picture in the end like Francisco and his wife did!


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